This section will enable you to find solutions to problems connected with functioning of the program.

Word search - in the place of unknown letter please write one of the keys ?._= for example, if you type in h?m (or h.m) the program will find: ham, hem, him, hmm, hom, hum Check!

Searching for anagrams - searching for words composed of the same letters e.g. anagrams for the word "married" are: admirer, madrier. Check!

Searching for endings - searching for words of indefinite length with the ending matcing the pattern, e.g. searching for words of the "medic" ending gives the following result: comedic, paramedic, premedic. Check!

Searching for stems - searching for words of indefinite length containing the given letter sequence, i.e. the stem, e.g. words containing the stem "ekla" are: autoreklama, deklasacja, reklama. Check!

To start searching you need to:

  1. Type the appropriate letter sequence into the box
    Searching for words requires the known letters to be typed in the appropriate spaces, in the place of unknown letters please type "?".
    Searching for endings and stems involves typing the known letter sequence.
    Searching for anagrams requires typing the whole word.
  2. Choose the dictionary (for now only standard is available).
  3. Choose the appropriate action i.e. "Search for words," "Search for stems" etc.
  4. Wait to check the results.

After the search there will be a message informing on the number of words found and the time of search.

Attention: CASMOS differentiates between small and capital letters.

    Created by: Verdox