Below you can find my e-mail address. Soryy for such a fuss but I was made to do so because of the enourmous amount of spam I receive. For this reason I am trying to protect myself against automathic programs scanning the net in search of new potential victims.

If you found yourself here to look for an address to which you could send anything that could be considered as spam, you need to know few things:

Sending non-requested mails, especially ads, luck chains, invitations to websites etc. is not consistent with the principles of good conduct in the net, called the Netiquett, officially written in a normalizing document RFC 1855. Because of spam being such a nuisance another document was devoted to it - RFC 2635. In other words - spam is not a very nice thing to do.

If you would like to give some thought to what is spam or what is not - quite good criteria is provided by the standard definition of spam according to M.A.P.S.

On the other hand, no way would all comments on this site or other site developed by me be considered spam. On the contrary, I will be grateful for any comments. So, all voices of support, respect, greetings, requests or threats should be sent by email to
info at casmos dot com

You can also use the following form. If you would like to get a reply, do not forget to give your e-mail address.


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